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Bookings - Read The Ground Rules

Ground Rules : Training facilities, Pitches


  1. When booking please specify Team name e.g. Football A U16 2007’s in Booking name section and then specify number of estimated participants per slot.
  2. Initially during set up, only Lead mentor can request training slot or friendly pitches via Pitch Booking Site. We will not be accepting bookings via email or phone.
  3. Be aware that all Allocated training slots must be approved by the Pitch Co-ordinating Committee which will be advised with an update in the portal
  4. CCC1 Go Games friendly matches should please consider only booking ½ pitch rather than full pitch.
  5. Friendly matches duration guidance Adults Max 2 hour, CCC2 Max 1.5 hour and CCC1 Max 1 hour.  
  6. Rotation of slots to share facilities is encouraged but should be managed outside the booking tool.

Allocation by PCC:

  1. Allocation will be made by age group and not individual teams and will be based on the following CCC1 5:30 - 7:30; CCC2 7:30 – 8:30 and Adult 8:30 – 9:30. 
  2. Winter training slots will be CCC1 5:30 - 7:20; CCC2 7:20 – 8:15 and Adult 8:15 – 9:30
  3. Available Pitches and training slots can only be booked one week in advance. No block booking will be allowed outside of Core training slots.


  1. Cancellations of training slots should be done through the tool. Any issues contact the Pitch Coordinator.
  2. If we have scheduled matches by county boards these will take preference over training slots. If a match is rearranged this should be done within the constraints of what is free and available .
  3. If you no longer require your slot please cancel in the tool in a reasonable time frame to ensure it can be reassigned.


Ground Rules : Clubhouse function rooms

Club/Members booking meetings and Clubhouse Functions may both be managed on the Booking Portal.

Club House Meetings

  1. All club House meetings should be booked through the booking system. 
  2. The person making a reservation booking should  indicate numbers and meeting room arrangement.
  3. The booking will come directly into the Booking site and will be reviewed and approved if applicable.

Club House Functions

  • All Club House functions should be booked through the booking system. The booking should include purpose, member/non Member and number of guests at a minimum. Before any function is confirmed we will call and confirm the  guest and the function. Once this is validated then the booking can be accepted.
  • Please consider when making a function room reservation :  
    - Member / Non Member
    - Number of Guests
    - Set up of Room
    - Room dressing required -Tablecloths, flowers on tables etc
    - Bar Open : Yes / No;
    - Food required & time to serve

We hope you will find these Online options easy and more efficient for you to run your teams and book functions or meetings. 

As always if you have any questions or need support please contact :

Implementation of St Sylvester's Online Facilities Booking System: William Rooney

Training facilities, pitches: Aidan Cannavan and William Rooney

Club House: David Potts and Lisa Murphy

Thank you,

St Sylvester's Executive Committee