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First Aid / Defib Contacts

First Aid and AED Resources at St. Sylvester's

Enhancing Safety Through Training and Preparedness

First Aid and AED Trained Members

Our commitment to safety is reflected in our members' training. A list of members with First Aid and AED/Defibrillator training will be available here shortly, ensuring you know who to turn to in case of an emergency.  REMEMBER ALWAYS CALL 999 or 121 FIRSTLY in the event of ANY emergency. 

AED Locations Within Our Club

St. Sylvester's has strategically placed AEDs/Defibrillators for quick access in emergencies:

  • Cabin at Broomfield Car Park

  • Clubhouse (Church Road)

  • Gym/Dressing rooms

Local AED Resources (map)

For your safety beyond our premises, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with publicly accessible AEDs in your local area.


National AED Directory

For a full listing of all AEDs across Ireland, please visit This resource can be invaluable in locating the nearest AED in any part of the country.   Remember, knowledge of AED locations and proper training can make a critical difference in emergency situations. Stay informed and prepared.