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We need a volunteer from our Football supporters

With the new AFL1 starting in Broomfield next Sunday it would be really nice to see us using the scoreboard again at senior games. I always think we miss a little of the athmosphere and pomp by not using the scoreboard at these premier Dublin games but we need a volunteer to step up and take responsibility. Most mentors have the keys and I'm sure Cotsie or Conor or one of the senior metors will set you up. Come on, someone from the crowd please step forward every week and make this happe. Next Sunday sees Ciaran and Derek Roche bring their newly promoted Skerries Harps to Broomfield for their first ever AFL1 game We wish them luck, just not as much as we wish Syls luck, of course. And it would be nice to see the scoreboard used for all games on pitch 1, adds a bit.