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Mick Shalloe - A Legacy and Love of the game lives on !

This photograph surfaced in a famed hurley makers workshop in rural Waterford recently . It features the very famous father of one of our esteemed club men . Pictured in the very centre , back row , 9th from the left is one Mick Shalloe ( father of Dave and grandfather of Brian , Liam and young Mick ).
Mick Shalloe was the son of another famous Waterford and Irish man Mick senior ( Daves grandfather ) who emigrated ( quickly ) during the troubled times !  He initially settled in Canada and from there to New York where young Mick Shalloe ( pictured here ) was born circa 1931 . 
The young Shalloe family then moved back to Waterford in 1933 where young Mick started his hurling career . This is the photograph of Mick on the winning All Ireland Waterford Minor hurling team of 1948 - Actually next to Mick Shalloe ( on his right as you look at the photograph ) is Dave Shalloes uncle - Michael Browne . 
Waterford won both minor and senior hurling titles that same day . Waterford had to wait another 65 years to win another minor hurling title !   
You could say that Mick Shalloe is probably one of the first Americans to win an All Ireland medal !