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HOW much is that doggie in the jersey.

Peter Hickey took the shot. It was in Parnell Park. It was when Cork played Dublin in the League a few weeks ago. It was a good day for the Dubs.

From the evening Herald

They produced a top display to take the points.
No doubt,they were helped by the support oft heir four-legged fan.
A Yorkshire Terrier,wearing a Dublin shirt.
One of the great Leeds United footballers was Norman ‘Bite Your Legs’ Hunter.
But this little dog looks too polite to even growl at the opposition.
Peter’s image shows the eyes of the dog watching the play.

Following every bounce of the ball.
Bright eyes…burning like fire.
The body language said it all.“Let me out there,Greg,none of those Cork forwards will out-run me!”
It’s a lovely photo. And it hangs in Peter’s National Art Gallery on
Peter has taken a million images of the Dubs. Club and county. Each one worth a thousand words.
Teams, action, faces in the crowd…….painting the moments of the day.
Peter’s Picasso picture of the Dubs dog  would adorn the ceiling of the Donnycarney Chapel.