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Patronage Scheme making steady progress

Through the kind and generous donations received from friends and members of St Sylvester’s Club we are well on the way to matching the Euro 500,000 donation from our main benefactor.

Bank standing order option now available - click for form

Many members and friends are making contributions and progress can be readily seen from the ‘barometer’ located in the front hall of the Club House.

“We are delighted with the response so far and I am very grateful to all those who have contributed todate” said Eddie Sullivan, Club Chairman.

However, he admitted that we still had some way to go to meet the magic ‘matching’ figure.  We need another Euro 380,000 to enable us to clear the Club’s bank loan. Eddie is confident that with the support of all members and friends this can be achieved. He is urging all members to become patrons so that the debt can be eliminated sooner rather than later and also so that we can get on with the real business of developing our sporting facilities.

This is a far cry from where we were six months ago when we were facing with a debt of over one million Euro and there is great credit due to all involved.

Eddie has recently written to all members in a further appeal to make a donation under the Patronage scheme.  “The elimination of the Club’s bank loan would place the Club in a great position to plan for the much needed further development of our sporting facilities” Eddie said.

To help with the appeal, arrangements have been made to enable members who so wish to make their donation under the Patronage scheme on an instalment basis. Eddie feels that this might be a more attractive arrangement for some people than a bank loan or a one-off payment.

A standing order form can be obtained by clicking here


12 May 2009