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Interview with Eoin Cooney

The first of our Juvenile Interviews - Eoin is a member of the U15 football and hurling teams and also plays minor hurling, U16 football, plays for Malahide U15 Rugby and plays all codes for Scoil Iosa . . .

Juvenile Interview Room -


Q1. Nickname ? " Cooney "


Q2. Favourite Position ? Full Forward


Q3. Club Honours ? 2 Camaint winners medals .

Division 1 football under 12


Q4. When and where did you first play Hurling / Football ? (who was your coach, friend etc.) Broomfield in the nippers . Panner McCarthy , John Drumm , Martin Meaney , Chris Kennedy and of course my dad , Anthony Cooney. Glen Troy and John McCann were my first football coaches.


Q5. Other interests or hobbies apart from GAA ? Fishing and Rugby


Q6. Who are your Heroes ? Ken McGrath and Joe Canning


Q7. What is your Biggest Fear ? Public Speaking


Q8. What is your Favourite Food ? Pizza


Q9. What is your Favourite Film ? Lord of the Rings


Q10. What is your Favourite Music ? Eminem


Q11. What is your Favourite Holiday Destination ? Florida


Q12. Best sporting event Watched ? 2007 All Ireland Club Final


Q13. Best St Sylvesters memory ? Scoring the winning goal in the Camaint Final


Q14. What has been your greatest moment in sport ? Playing for Dublin in the Tony Forristal hurling tournament in Waterford.


Q15. What is your favourite Hurling / Football ground ? Bridgefield


Q16. What celebrity do you think you most look like ? Susan Boyle !


Q17. What is your favourite subject in school? And why ? Physical Education - No homework


Q18. Marooned on a desert island what could you not be without ? Water and a hurl


Q19. Least memorable game ? And why ? Under 16 Schools hurling final


Q20. If you were an animal, what kind would you be ? Gorilla


Q21. In your opinion what is the worst invention ever created ? Nuclear bomb


Q22. What is your secret skill ? Cooking French toast for the lads !


Q23. If you had 3 people around for dinner, who would they be ? And why?


  • Bill Gates - Cos he's minted 
  • John Keane - The best ever hurler 
  • Russell Howard - My favourite comedian


Q24. Who is the funniest on your team ? Niall McCann


Q25. If you could go back in time, where would you go? To the 1959 All Ireland Hurling Final when Waterford last won !


Q26. If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional with whom would it be? John Keane - Because he was the best hurler ever


Q27. What rule would you change in the GAA and why? Square ball rule as its very annoying for full forwards.


Q28. Who do you admire most in St Sylvesters ? And why? Eamonn McLoughney as hes a great player


Q29. What are your Ambitions in Life? To play for Dublin


Q30. In ten years time, I hope to be ……… The captain of Syls and Dublin and winning finals !