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The 2009 season really kicks into action this weekend for our 3rd and 4th football teams with their first league games. The action gets under way on  Sunday morning at 11:00 when the 3rd team take on St. Marks in Broomfield.  The 4th team then take on neighbours Naomh Mearnog at 3pm also in  Broomfield. The seniors continue their VdeP campaign with a trip to Mobhi Road on Sunday morning to take on Na Fianna at 11:00. Derek's lads have a early chance to put Monday's disappointment behind them when they get  their 2009 season up an running with a game against Clan Mhuire in the Joy  Cup. Sunday Morning also see our minor hurlers get their 2009 season under  way with an away game against St. Peregrines in Blakestown. The fixture list in full is as follows.

Sunday 01/03/09

VdeP Cup Mobhi Road 11:00am Na Fianna v St. Sylvester's
Joy Cup Broomfield 11:00am St. Sylvester's v Clan Mhuire
AFL 7 Broomfield 11:00am St. Sylvester's v St. Mark's
AFL 10N Broomfield 3:00pm St. Sylvester's v Naomh Mearnog
MHL 4 Blakestown 11:00am St. Peregrines v St. Sylvester's