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Know your Sport 2016 Fundraiser

The purpose is to raise as much as possible for 2016 referee & team running expenses. Each team keeps 80% of what they sell, the balance goes to fund the prizes.I'd like to thank Ciaran Reilly from the U9's & Custodian Consultancy who very kindly sponsored the design & printing of the cards.Also John Maughan has foolishly offered to do the scoring system for us, many thanks John.



There is a small typo that I made on Q4 , it should read Giroud(6) not Ground (6), I'm blaming Paddy on it as he proofed it.

Also I think I took last nights news of Jack Mc Caffery not being part of this years squad worse than Jim Gavin did (see Q11).

The committee really hope that the teams make a big effort to ensure the success of this venture and get the new season off to a good start.


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