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Gala Night to finish the Ball Wall

SAM and Barry Murphy(Apres Match) Confirmed for Syls GALA Night - Saturday 14th November, Grand Hotel



The Sam Maguire trophy will be in attendance


Barry Murphy of (Apres Match) will provide the Comedy


Our playing facilities, in particular for training over the winter months, are not appropriate for a club of our size and stature.
Earlier this year, the Juvenile section took on the challenge to complete the Ball Wall facility that was sitting idle for the past few years.
If you have been in Broomfield in recent days you will have noticed that work is well underway to complete this project – in fact young kids were already training on the area last night. This is real improvement for the people that matter.


To help pay for these improvements we are holding a GALA night on the 14th of November.
This event is also planned as a mark of celebration for the huge progress the juvenile section are making. There will be a wine reception, followed by a three course meal,  then dancing to the early hours.

The ticket prices are high at €80 each, this reflects the cost of holding such a professional event.

If you can support this event please do so in any way you can – the commitment is clear - all proceeds go to the ball wall facility.
Many thanks for your continued commitment and dedication.


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