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Disappointing loss at Brigids

AFL1 St Brigids 1-09 St Sylvesters 0-08 Definitely a game we should have won. Just did not convert up front, simple as that. We recovered from a slow start against the wind with a couple of Conor Meaney points, Micháel hit one and Garry another and we looked good at 5 to 4. A foul on Garry somehow resulted in a quick break for Brigids and they goaled and pointed and suddenly had dailight between us. Playing into wind and rain, conditions were certainly difficult, but we did create about 6 more scoring chances but poor shooting and wrong options conspired against us.

We kept Brigids to one good point in the second half but lots of possession only yiedled 4 points and possibly only one goal chance. 

Ross had another stormer in the middle breaking almost every kickout but Brigids copped it and ended up winning more than us. Ronan started very brightly, defensively we were very good, John, Fionn and Collie fronting a confident looking Dominic


I thought Garry was fouled a lot but never seemed to get any advantage.

Great to see Jack back on the field and I'll certainly be hoping he can recover his form from earlier in the year.

Few lads did not play, Alan, Conor Quinn, Michael Shiels, Aiden Lalor, so we certainly have a strong deep panel, the right commitment and fitness, just need to sort out our attacking approach and we are as good as the best. 





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