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Date for the Diary 9th June. Paudie Butler Hurling Master Class

Date for the Diary 9th June. Paudie Butler Hurling Master Class - Paudie Butler has agreed to come back up for another coach-the-coaches session with us on Friday evening, 9th June next. Session will begin @ 6.30 p.m. on pitch 1.

There was hugely positive feedback from the session he did with us last October and everyone there that day got a lot out of it, as did he, and he did say at the time that he would like to come back to build on that. As many of you will know, Paudie is the former National Hurling Coach and remains one of the most preeminent hurling coaches in the country. His workshops are legendary and, notwithstanding that he has been ‘retired’ for many years now, he is in huge demand all the time.

I would strongly encourage all of you to come along and please do spread the word to all your fellow mentors to come as well; it will be more than well worth the 2 hours of everyone’s time! While this is aimed primarily at juvenile coaches, it is open to anyone to come along and participate.

Pat Hoyne


myy says:
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