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Broomfield Campus Development

In continuation of our quest to provide the best possible sporting facilities for our members our Facilities Development Group have documented the attached plan as illustrative of what we hope to achieve. It is pretty consistent with other plans developed over the years shows a practical roadmap for our facilities to be developed in a phased manner. We are submitting an application for Sports Grant Funding by 24th February and we wish to make members aware of the costs involved if we want to build an all-weather facility in Broomfield. An application for a grant does not commit us in any way at this stage. The plan attached is for illustrative purposes only and will undoubtedly change as we continue to engage.
Ashley White says:
Jan 27, 2017 07:13 PM
It would be great to see one or two running lanes in the purposed plans.
Derek O'Reilly says:
Mar 13, 2017 07:52 AM
As someone who lives in Mountfield park apartments beside the Dev area I would have a concern in relation to noise and privacy during and after the Dev.
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